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List of our Products:

Baffle Bags
Baffle bulk bags are ideal if you have limited space in sea-containers or on trucks.
Conductive Bags
Dino Bags can provide you with 3 types of conductive bulk packaging products: Type B, C and D FIBCs.
Crumb Rubber Bags
Dino Bags stocks an ideal bulk bag for your crumb rubber products.


Firewood Bags
Our small mesh firewood bags are ideal for packaging firewood for retail.
Food Grade Bags
Our hygienic bulk bags are specially designed for the food and pharmaceutical industries.
Haz Mat Bags
Haz-Mat Bulk Bags are a cost saving waste handling container.


Mesh Produce Bags
Our mesh bag for produce are lightweight yet durable.
Paper Woven Bags
Our paper laminated woven bags commonly used packaging of cement, feed and other similar products.
BOPP/ Poly Bags
Our poly bags are widely used for retail consumer packaging products.


Potato/ Onion Bags
Dino Bags has been supplying bulk bags for potatoes and onions for a decade.
Sand/Construction Bags
Our bulk sand bags are the most economical and cost effective way to store and ship inexpensive materials.
Seed/Feed/Grain Bags
Our seed, feed, and grain bags come in a variety of styles, shapes, and sizes.




  • We have 15 years experience in bulk packaging business.
  • We evaluate our customers product application and needs carefully and share our experience with them.
  • Having supply chain both domestic and overseas allows you to be cost effective with timely shipments.
  • We stock a much diversified inventory domestically to meet unforeseen demand.
  • We carry stock in our warehouse for your monthly usage without extra cost to your company.
  • We carry stock to meet unforeseen demand
  • Hand Made Custom Bulk Bags Available



Bulk Bags or Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBCs) are an economical and most cost effective ideal type of package for handling and storage. Dino Bags is a full service manufacturer and distributor of bulk bags. Clean room or Hygiene room bags made for pharmaceutical and food industries. We also specialize in Type C bulk bags (groundable bag), and Type D Cromiq static bag.

Dino Bags Bulk Bags Production

Lifting Loop Production             Circular Fabric Production                 Flat (Sulzer) Fabric Production



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  • 戏王亚洲娱乐下载注册 resin, pellets, nylon and ABS
  • 戏王亚洲娱乐娱乐网站 pharmaceuticals, fertilizer, firewood, carbon black, sand, cement, lime, crushed stone, gravel, marble powder, absorbent polymer, chemicals, minerals and specialty minerals.


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